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HobbyKing HK450GT replacement main gear arrived

A few days ago the replacement of the defect main gear assembly arrived from HobbKing.

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HK450 Configurator

The configuration of an HK450 (or basically any T-Rex 450 helicopter) is often a big mystery for people how are new to flying RC helicopters. You often hear questions like “Does this motor match the heli?”, “Is this a good

HK450GT German Manual

As I promised in one of my previous posts, here comes the HK450GT manual.

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HK450 feathering shaft and blade grip assembly

In this post I would like to show you the correct assembly of the main blade grips on the feathering shaft. Therefore I took a picture of the things you will find inside each of the main blade grips of

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My first HobbyKing support issue

When you browse though different RC forums on the web you often hear people saying that HobbyKing is cheap but does not provide any support. Or that HobbyKing does not stand behind their product and they would not solve any

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Proposal for a HK450GT setup

  In this post I would like to give you a quick overview about the electroincs I use in my HK450GT…

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Unboxing my new HK450GT kit

After quite some time of waiting my HK 450 GT kit arrived last week. I’m building it to replace my HK 450 v2, which I crashed a few weeks ago. If you are interested in getting yourself a HK450GT, use

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The HK450v2 kit arrived!

I received the HK450 v2 kit several days ago. Here is a short video about what you get in the box of the kit:

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My new transmitter…

After months of waiting my order from HobbyKing finally arrived. Amoung it was new HK-7Xv2 transmitter…

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Going for a T-Rex 450 clone…

I’ve been flying a LMH RC helicopter several years ago. But somehow I did not really get warm with that helicopter. Maybe just because at that time I did not really have any deeper knowledge of how helicopters work and

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