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Bind a DSM2 receiver to a Walkera DEVO transmitter

I’ve created a new video in which I show you the steps needed to bind a DSM2 or DSMX receiver to a Walkera DEVO transmitter. See more below…

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Install DEVIATION on a Walkera Devo transmitter

I made a video which shows step by step how to install the deviation firmware on a Walkera Devo transmitter. Read more below…

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HowTo: Backup and Restore a model file from Devo 7E (export/import)

This post describes how you can backup models from your Devo 7E transmitter to your PC, and how to restore them later. This comes very handy when you plan to play around with your transmitter (e.g. installing DeviationTX) and you

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Walker SuperCP – Devo7E

Look what just arrived in the mail: My newest gadget is a Walker SuperCP 3D helicopter with the nice Devo7E transmitter. This is just a short preview and unboxing video of this nice Walkera helicopter. Over the next weeks I’ll

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