HobbyKing HK450GT replacement main gear arrived

A few days ago the replacement of the defect main gear assembly arrived from HobbKing.

As you might have read in my previous post, I’ve received a defect main gear assembly with my HK450GT from HobbyKing (http://www.rcfan.info/first-hobbyking-support-issue_145/). This was the first time I had an issue with any of the products I bought from HobbyKing. The customer support was very kind and instantly agreed to replace the main gear. Without having to send the main gear assembly back (which would have been more expensive than the part it self) the sent me a replacement on their costs.

Although it took a month or so to get the replacement (they had to source the replacement from their supplier first) I was quite happy with the way things turned out.

Inside the parcel I found this bag. The bag was already opened and glued back together with clear packing tape


The bag contained three main gears. And one of them contained the one-way bearing.



It looks as if either HobbKing or their supplier ripped open a bag of three main gears and installed a one-way bearing in one of them. Instead of sending my just the one fixed main gear they sent me the whole bag. Very nice!


Finally here you see the main gear with the one-way bearing from the other side.


All after all I can only say, thank you HobbyKing for dealing with the problem and for sending me the additional spare main gears.

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