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  1. Hi! I did receive this same HK-7X(V2) TX with HK-8X(V2) RX. But I did not still use it because I am waiting for the Lipo 3S cell and other parts.
    r_g_r, would I like make you 3 questions about it TX/RX HobbyKing. OK?
    1) The TX runs with 11.1V(Lipo) or 9.6V(NiCd). Please, what is the right operation voltage of the RX HK-8X(V2)?
    2) Do you know the RX can be protected with foam without causing interference or signal loss?
    3) There is a hole at the bottom of the HK-7X(V2) transmitter. Do you know what is this? It would be the trainer cable connection?

  2. @Aero2k4br:
    Yes, you can use NiCd or NiMh batteries. I use 8 NiMh batteries myself. You can even use a 3s LiPo, but I would suggest to not fully charge the LiPo. A fully charged LiPo can have up to 12.6V. Many pepole suggest to use the “storage” function of your charger in order to only charge the LiPo up to 3/4 of it’s capacity. BTW: HobbyKing even sells a LiPo that already has the needed connector (http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewItem.asp?idProduct=7346&aff=214818)

    I use the receiver on a foam plane myself and up to now I did not have a problem with the connection.

    The “hole” is a 3.5mm mono audio port. It can be used to hook the transmitter up to simulator if you have a matching simulator cable. You need to check the manual on how to set the transmitter to PPM mode though. Sorry, but I don’t know about a trainer mode in this transmitter.

  3. – oh, And remember to enter PPM mode by holding the two buttons to the right when turning it on.

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