P51 Dart – Finishing up the build

All the electronic components are now installed in my P51 Dart. Read more below…

The motor and prop are mounted at the nose and are already hooked up correctly to the speed controller.

The motor with prop


Directly behind the motor mount I installed the speed controller (ESC) as well as the battery.

ESC and battery


And now I also hooked up the servos to the control surfaces. Therefore I used some linkage stoppers. Those greatly ease the installation as you can easily adjust the control rod length by simply unscrewing the lock screw.

Servos hooked up to control surfaces

I already did all the preflight checks. The motor turns in the right direction, the servos also move correctly. And I had to turn down the servo end points on my transmitter greatly (to approx. 60-70%) in order to get no binding in the control surfaces. So it might have been a better idea to install the linkage stoppers in one of the inner holes of the servo arm instead of the outer most hole.

So far so good! Everything is read for a maiden flight. Watch out for more to come as soon as the wind chills down a bit more!

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