Unboxing my new HK450GT kit

After quite some time of waiting my HK 450 GT kit arrived last week. I’m building it to replace my HK 450 v2, which I crashed a few weeks ago.

If you are interested in getting yourself a HK450GT, use this link. It will take you directly to the HobbyKing website where you can buy one.

Here you can see a video which I did unboxing the HK450GT kit (below you find some hi-res photos):

Here are some hi-res images. Click them to see in full screen:

As most of the HobbyKing items, the HK450GT it arrives in a plain white box. Because I ordered from the German warehouse, mine came with a big sticker on it. That's required as otherwise they would not be allowed to sell it in the EU.


The first things you see when you open the box. The main blades, some stickers and a manual. The manual contains not much of interest, but some nice assembly drawings. You can download the manual as PDF at the end of this page.


The smallest box is empty. Maybe to server suppliers of full kits to put their electronics in it. Or maybe just to fill up the otherwise empty space. Who knows 😉


Main frame, rotor head and tail unit. All well wraped up...


Here you can see the main frame in an overview


Main frame closeup. Beware, the edges are really sharp!


Main frame closeup


Main frame closeup


Here is an overview of the tail unit. Everything is already assembled. Only the tail blades must be attached.


The main rotor head is fully assembled


Also in the box you get the tail boom(made of anodized alloy) and the tail and vertical stabilizer fins which are made out of carbon


Inside the next box you'll find this package. It contains the bottom plate of the main frame, the flybar and the tail boom suppot bars


And inside the plastic canopy you'll find the last bag with accessories


Next to the big bag with accessories(lower left) you'll find the main gear assembly(lower right) the skids(up) and the canopy mounting grommets


Here's a quick closeup of the main gear assembly


The big accessories bag contains: servo mounting screws, servo balls, flybar paddles and weights, main blade holder, some foam tabe, motor mounting screws, zip ties, two battery straps and a bag with different spare screws.


That’s it! Have fun with your HK450GT!


Click here to download the HK450GT German Manual


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