DealExtreme does not deliver

During the last years I ordered several things from DealExtreme. I was always quite happy with their service… until now…But during the last month something must have changed at DealExtreme. I ordered some items on the 2nd of January in the hope that they deliver the things before the Chinese New Year shuts whole Asia down for weeks. After about two weeks of waiting without any progress on my order I got more and more anxious that my order from DealExtreme might not make it. That was when all the trouble started!

First I tried to create a support ticket. Well as you can guess, nobody answers support tickets at DealExtreme. So after one week of waiting I tried to get somebody from their LiveChat to answer my questions. It took me three days until I could get hold of somebody on the LiveChat. Only to then find out that one of the items that I ordered is on backorder. On their website that item was still said to be shipped within 4-7 days. So their shipping estimation is nothing but fake!

I was already very angry at that time. I told them to ship the items that are in stock and just skip those that are not available. The LiveChat puppet told me that its no problem they would split my order and ship them separate. Well, as you might guess that did not work out either…

After two days without any progress on my order (it was still on backorder at that time) I tried my luck with the LiveChat again. And yes, it took me again two days until I got connected to somebody at the LiveChat. That guy (or girl, who knows) was even more incompetent that the one from my first contact. He could not even tell me what the problem with my order was! At that time I was so bugged out that I told them to cancel the whole order. At least that worked out, although it took them another 2 days to really cancel the order and further 4 day until I got the payment refund.

If you guess the story is over now, then you guessed wrong!

After my order was canceled I ordered those items again that should be in stock. And it turned out, that the first LiveChat puppet really told the truth. Within two days my order was processed and marked as Shipped. I was so happy that I would get at least some of the stuff that I wanted to order in the first place. Well, I was unlucky again…

It’s now 4 weeks since the order was marked as Shipped by DealExtreme. You might already guess it: The order has not arrived yet! I ordered three other things from different Chinese sellers during that period of time. All of them arrived within one or two weeks. The fastest to arrive was one order from a Singapore based ebay seller. His parcel arrived at my door after unbelievable seven days. The other orders from Hong Kong based companies arrived 3 and 10 days later.

So all after all I can no longer recommend anybody to order anything from Deal Extreme! They really need to sort their problems out!

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  1. I have bought from DX for years and it always worked until now too. I have 5 orders marked as shipped that never arrive! 2 of them are more than 60 days old! they dont even answer the tickets!

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