P51 Dart Electronics

I’ll give you a short introduction into the electronics part list that I plan to use for my P51 Dart. Read more below…

First here is the suggested parts list for more or less the whole Dart plane family:

1400KV motor -> e.g TURNIGY 2204-14T 19g Outrunner

2cell LiPo battery -> e.g Turnigy 800mAh 2S 20C Lipo

2pieces of 5g or 9g servos -> e.g HXT900 9g Micro Servo

10A ESC -> e.g. TURNIGY Plush 10amp 9gram Speed Controller

8×4 propeller -> e.g GWS EP Propeller (RD-8043 203x109mm)


On several forum posts and Youtube videos the TURNIGY 2204-14T 19g Outrunner motor is recommended for Dart airplanes. It is a perfect match for the 8043 slowflyer proleller on a 2cell LiPo.

TURNIGY 2204-14T 19g Outrunner
GWS EP Propeller (RD-8043 203x109mm)

For the upper mentioned motor a 10A ESC is recommended. So I decided to go light and use HobbyKing’s 9g Plush ESC.

TURNIGY Plush 10amp 9gram Speed Controller

From an old heli I still had some 2s 800mAh LiPo lying around. So I’ll try to use them for the P51 Dart. Their 10C discharge rating is a bit on the low side. So let’s see what happens. If you buy new LiPos I would recommend to use 20C discharge LiPos.

2cell 7.4V 800maH LiPo Battery

Finally for the servos I had some 5g as well as some 9g servos lying around. I guess I’ll try the 5g first. They should be good enough for the small P51 plane.

HXT900 9g or RC Timer 5g Micro Servo

2 Comments on “P51 Dart Electronics

    • This speed controller comes without any connectors. You have to add your own battery connector as well as your own motor connectors.
      I have added a small JST battery connector and three 3.5mm bullets for the motor.

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