HK450 Configurator

The configuration and setup of an HK450 (or basically any T-Rex 450 helicopter) is often a big mystery for people how are new to flying RC helicopters. You often hear questions like “Does this motor match the heli?”, “Is this a good ESC?” or “Which battery do I need?”. At this point my HK450 Configurator can help you to find a good setup for your new HK450 helicopter.

The HK450 configurator is mainly intended for new and intermediate helicopter pilots. The configurator only provides a selection of some of the possible products that you can buy from HobbyKing. But all the products the configurator suggests are tested and known to work very well with the HK450 kits. So any combination of the listed products will give you a good solid setup of your HK450. The products were also chosen in a way that they provide the best flite experience for new and intermediate helicopter pilots.

In order to help you to find the best setup for your helicopter this configurator was created, so try it out now!

Click on the link below to start the HK450 configurator:

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