Install DEVIATION on a Walkera Devo transmitter

Install DEVIATION on a Walkera Devo transmitter

I made a video which shows step by step how to install the deviation firmware on a Walkera Devo transmitter. Read more below…

The video walks you through the process step by step. I show you where to download the software, how to prepare your DEVO transmitter for the upgrade and how to install the software:

9 Comments on “Install DEVIATION on a Walkera Devo transmitter

  1. thanks for your video it helped me to install deviation.
    I posses an hubsan and i want to bind it to my devo. i copied an ini file to my radio and when i turned it on,
    the lcd remained blank without the usual information. I found the ini file on the site of deviation, i renamed it as model1 and copied it. If you see where i am wrong or if you know other videos wich could help me?
    Thanks for your attention!

    • Hello, as far as I know you need to change the transmitter module in order to be able to use the Hubsan protocol. Search for “deviation A7105 hubsan” on Google you’ll find several resources about that topic. I do not have any Hubsan models, sorry…

  2. Hello . Thanks for the video.
    I have devo 7e with deviation installed as described.
    how to bind with walkera v2 ? what settings should be in the model setup ?

    • Hi, what do you mean with “walkera v2”? Which model do you have? If it’s a DEVO model just go into model setup, select the DEVO protocol and set “None” in the “Fixed ID” field. Then activate the “Bind” or “Re-Init” button to bind the transmitter to the model.

  3. I have with me a \\\”spectrum DSMX quad race serial receiver with diversity (SPM4648) from Horozin hobby. In fact this receiver is compatible with one aircraft model\\\” mini convergence vtol pnp (EFL9375). I have gone through your YouTube videos showing how to bind a DSM2 receiver to Devo 7e. These videos certainly do provide me with valuable information! Kindly let me know whether the above mentioned DSMX receiver (SPM4648) can be successfully bound to my Devo7E? by merely installing the deviation software or any further upgrade needed? Thanking you, Waiting for your kind response.

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