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The configuration of an HK450 (or basically any T-Rex 450 helicopter) is often a big mystery for people how are new to flying RC helicopters. You often hear questions like “Does this motor match the heli?”, “Is this a good ESC?” or “Which battery do I need?”.

Therefore I’ve now created a HK450 configurator that guides you through the steps of selecting the needed parts for a good HK450 helicopter. You’ll find the link to the HK450 Configurator at the left in the Main menu.

Or simply click on the link below to start the HK450 configurator:

9 Comments on “HK450 Configurator

  1. Can you please update your configuration? Which is awesome I must say!!! But there are several more (and I think newer) options. It would be nice to include them.

    Thank you!!!

    • Hi Jason,
      what exactly do you mean with newer options. The parts that I list in the configurator are still the most used and trusted parts that one can use for building a HK450 helicopter.
      If you have additional parts that you think should be added, please list them so that I can review them.

  2. Thanks for a nice guide! Realy looking forword to start building!
    Do you think you could make a guide for the HK-600GT as well?

    • I don’t know. I don’t have a HK600 so I can not really say or test what the best parts are for such a big beast.

  3. Thanks for the nice configurator! I’m completely new to rc helicopters, next to the items listed in the configurator I need radio, transmitter, receiver and that’s it? Could you recommend a good combo?

    • If you are looking for the absolute best value for low price the “Turnigy 9x” is the way to go (buy here). The Turnigy 9x is propably the best entry level transmitter and it already comes with a matching receiver.

      A very good alternative is the FrSky Taranis (buy here) which is a very professional transmitter with a very good and solid radio system. You need to buy a separate receiver (any FrSky ACCST receiver will work)

    • Besides a transmitter and receiver you might need a LiPo charger (in case you do not already have one). But that’s it!

      • Thanks for the great recommendation. I think I’ll go with the cheaper one for now 😉 I’ve got a LiPo-Charger at work, I think that will be sufficient.

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